A few cool voices

By Obinna Abanah

The event was titled The Train and was only available on a Wednesday. There was only one terminus; just at the atrium of Silverbird Galleria, which is located in the central area of town. The ride usually commenced at seven PM every Wednesday and the anchor, Aisha, did not practice African Time. You could be a passer-by and get hooked on the ride or you could be there with an intention to enjoy the journey. How you turned up didn’t matter, what mattered is that you are young at heart and ready to mingle with the party. You could catch the ride in your work wear or you could show up in your casuals depending on your schedule, that was your prerogative. The menu was rich and the schedule usually thick. You couldn’t afford to be late as the ride usually slowed down three hours to midnight. It could all be over by 10pm and all you would get at that time would be the cheery faces of the last passengers as their voices echoed the memorable songs and jokes of the ride into night. Beautiful Aisha was the host and co-founding member of The Train. She anchored the event and also assisted in artist grooming and decision-making. Aisha is an entrepreneur by profession and promotes artists through her initiative called “The Art Recognition Concept”. She aspires to “change the lives of talented creatives” and was on the road to achieving that dream through her involvement with The Train and its partnering members. Meet some of the artistes that made The Train a hit at the Galleria.

Many artistes have been featured at this weekly event but we can only talk about some of the very best who have staged remarkable renditions of good music worthy of your time. One of them is Bamike Olawunmi from Ogun state. Bammy Bestowed as she is known on stage got into music “since I was 8years old” and has developed into a disciple of soft rock, afrobeat, gospel and jazz.

Yemi Alade, Fela, Omawunmi, Bethel music, Jesus Culture, Hillsongs and Adele are just a handful of the acts that have inspired her brand of music. In her opinion of The Train by Silverbird “It’s a great platform for artistes to express themselves, and I see them going places. They are a huge inspiration and Abuja will be thankful the founder ran with the vision, because they are going to take Abuja artistes global at the rate they are going. I am glad and deeply grateful for the train. Bammy can be reached on Twitter @bankysmiles.

ISEWEDE IKHIDE DAVIDI is from Edo state and his stage name is DACON. He has been into stand-up comedy for five years. Highly inspired by the international comedy act Kevin Hart, the guy just knows how to make people laugh and laugh out loud even with his mean demeanour. In his opinion, “The Train has really been an inspiration to many artistes and also a success story and am glad to be part of it. Few years from now I see the train as one of the biggest shows in Nigeria not just in Nigeria but in the world. When other artistes will be trying to be part of it by then I will already be a shareholder collecting my pension!! The train we are ready oya carry us to our destination”. You can catch more of his jokes on Facebook @ DACON D COMEDIAN.

Rap is still hot as acts like SOLOMON ABBAS can testify to. This lyrical prodigy from NASSARAWA STATE, who was born and raised in Jos call himself SOLEX. He’s been eight years dropping bars and he says he is an apostle of HIP HOP. He says he is inspired by ICE PRINCE (of course!) and KENDRICK LAMER. “They get me ınspıred anytıme I lısten to them. The Traın ıs a wonderful place to be and The Traın has gıven me more than privilege to express and show up myself to the world and am so grateful to almıghty God. Shower me blessıngs and dırect me to the traın. Glory be to God. Thanks and bıg up to my fans.” Catch Solex on Whatsapp on 08168738752

This one is a special act, Yoyo Ovi, from Delta State. Uyoyou Ovririe has been cutting her teeth with Alternative Rock in the last one year following motivation coming from acts like Pink, Taylor Swift and if we may add, Lady Gaga! She doesn’t talk too much but gives you enough for the eyes to feed on. “The Train is a super amazing entertainment showcase platform for all arts. It’s been a Life changing experience for me.” Gbam! Catch Ovririe on Instagram- @yoyo_ovi and you never know what could happen next!  

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