Taekwondo is cool: Pascal

By Emmanuel Abanah 

Taekwondo is actually a cool sport; o yes it makes you cool, I mean cool headed and disciplined. When you apply those two attributes to other things you do success is bound to come after you. That’s exactly the story of Mr. Pascal Emeka Amadi who attained the rank of black belt before he lost interest in Taekwondo and directed all that he learnt from the sport towards his technical trade which is Cooling Technology. Pascal specializes in refrigeration and air conditioning in particular. He has been trained by several professional organisations both in Nigeria and abroad with several years of practice in both industrial and residential cooling technology. This interesting chap with a knack for a good job happens to be married to another Taekwondo gold medalist while his daughter has won medals in Taekwondo as well.

“I started training taekwondo after I married my wife” says Pascal with a wry smile as he spoke to GG.           “I started Taekwondo after marrying my wife and not for ranking” he repeats. However, he eventually attained the pinnacle of Taekwondo ranking, the black belt, before his interest began to wane due to his increasingly busy schedule as a cooling technologist. The young man has made quite a contact list for himself since going major with his cooing technology business. Hotels, restaurants, estates, blue chip individuals are among clients who entrust him with planning, installations, servicing and repairs of their industrial and residential refrigeration and air conditioning appliances.

According to Pascal, as the Harmathan is here, “the advice I have for the people regarding their cooling systems is that they should try and service their cooling system every three months and also use power surge protectors like AVS and Stabilizer. People should also learn to shut down all their cooling systems when going out”. He does not mean you should shut down your refrigerator though, except it is empty or you will be away for a long while.  

Pascal is happily married “to Mrs. Amadi Chiamaka Onumonu and with two children which one of them is the number one in her weight category in Nigeria”. Wow, the guy has got some gems at home. His daughter won a gold medal at the just concluded National Sports Festival and his wife did the same representing Rivers state at the annual national games. If not for Taekwondo probably Pascal and Amaka would never have met each other. “Yes I meet her doing Taekwondo” Pascal quipped when asked about how they met. And thinking about the fact that two fighters live together makes one to imagine if they sometimes fight each other or not. “No! Taekwondo makes us a disciplined couple” Emeka emphasizes as GG enquired.

Tell us about your children do they also fight Taekwondo, GG asked. “Yes, one of my children does Taekwondo named Okoko Chidinma Helen. She has even won a medal for Nigeria at the Junior All Africa Games held recently.” According to Pascal, some of the common errors people make with their Air Conditioners and Refrigerators “is the use of bad gas and bad servicing which reduces the lifespan of these appliances”.

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