“My kids don’t understand movies now except cartoons” – Enita Audu, Nollywood actress

By Kaila Budango and Jossy….

A lot of young people want to become stars and one question in the air is “how do I become an actress/actor?” Well, how you go about it depends on whether you want to get into acting, or you just want to know how to become famous. Becoming an actor takes time, passion, sweat, and most of all, perseverance. Hope this won’t discourage our young readers but if you really want to be a movie star, it’s not impossible. Shoot for the moon! But be prepared to work for it, because there’s no magic formula.

Because it is just like any other industry, the acting biz has its own terminology, lingo, and mumbo-jumbo. If you can speak intelligently in the terminology, you’re one step ahead of the game. Acting is a community sport. It is rarely, almost never done alone. And one thing actors love to do is talk about their process. Find a few and listen in. You have to volunteer a lot to get a shot. Local community and religious theatres are always looking for volunteers to help with props, sets, costumes, and so on.

When an audition holds, go in there and do a monologue. By the time you continue harassing the practitioners with your presence, someone will definitely cast you for a role. From that point, you never know. Meet Enita Audu, Nollywood actress and mother of two whose story is an example of how to push it through.

GG: Please tell us about you.

Enitan: My name is Enita Audu. I am an actress, married with two boys. I am the first in the family, we are four, three girls and a boy. I am from Kogi State married to Benue State.

GG: How did you come into acting?

Enitan: I started from a drama group in church, after that I came to Abuja to school in Gwagwalada, from there someone said they came for an urgent meeting, and I asked what they do there, and he was like that’s where the actors and actresses meet, and I told him I would like to work for him and do biz for real, that was how I was given an opportunity to become an actress and here we are today doing the thing.

GG: How long have you been in the industry?

Enitan: I will say 10 years now, yes I have been in the industry for a very long time.

GG: Which of the movies brought you to limelight?

Enitan: We are still on it though, I wouldn’t say there has been a major break but I have done a couple of jobs, the recent one is on Mitv and it is titled Down and Óut and then Struggles of Eve, and presently we are working on Within the Veil and I believe this is going to be it for me, yea my break, because I am actually playing a lead role.

GG: Has the industry been good for you?

Enitan: It has been good for me because I have not had any reason to regret being in the industry.

GG: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years in the industry?

Enitan: Wow! At the top by the grace of God

GG: So you are based in Abuja?

Enitan: Yes I am an Abuja based

GG: It is tough getting roles here? Is there a kind of competition for roles?

Enitan: I wouldn’t say that there is a competition but you have to go for an audition, there are some producers who don’t need to audition you because they already know what you can do and we call that double cast. They will cast you without an audition if you are in town.

GG: Which aspect in the entertainment industry would you want the government to assist?

Enitan: We in Abuja or I would say generally we need a village, like a film village, a place we can meet, place we can call our own, where locations can easily be accessed, where you don’t need to go out looking for locations. If government can do that it will be a plus to the industry.

GG:  Compare Lagos and Abuja , which city is more lucrative when it comes to entertainment?

Enitan: It is definitely Lagos but Abuja is coming up, Lagos has got more jobs than Abuja, it’s very difficult for producers to come to Abuja because they complain a lot about locations. They have to pay for locations here in Abuja and its quite expensive, but very soon we are hoping they will come down to Abuja.

GG:  Now you are married so how do you juggle married life and work?

Enitan: It is not easy I would say but thank God for the kind of husband that am married to, he is an understanding person, in fact that I am here today, if not that we had an understanding together I wouldn’t be here today, because I have been in the industry before I got married and so far he never stopped me from doing what I enjoy doing most in my life, I have an understanding husband.

GG: Your kids, do you let them watch you on TV and how do they react when they watch you on TV?

Enitan: Yea sometimes they see me and will be like mummy mummy this is you, what are you doing there? And I would have to explain to them that am acting that it’s just film. They don’t understand movies now except cartoon.

GG: Do you have advice for younger ones who are aspiring to come into the industry?

Enitan: My advice for them is that they should be persistent and focused, give in your best. Use your brain, don’t be used by giving your selves to producers to be famous, trust me you won’t get there. Above all trust God in whatever you do.

GG: What are your hobbies?

Enitan: My hobbies are cooking. I love cooking a lot, I love ironing, and acting! GG:  That means you love house chores generally, your husband must be a lucky man. Anyway it’s been a pleasure talking to you, we appreciate your time, and Garki Gazette wishes you success in the pursuit of your dreams.

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